Introduction of the Casino Bonus

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Almost all of the internet gambling casinos out there offer some type of introductory casino bonus. The idea of this gambling bonus is to get potential customers to place money into an account with the certain site as there is the potential for a free cash bonus or money that can be used on craps, bingo, blackjack, or the many other games that the casino has available. This type of gambling casino cash bonus is specifically designed to encourage casual surfers to deposit playing money into an account with the casino and to continue their business with the site.

There are a wide range of this type of cash bonus, and the best online casino gambling bonus as far as start up cash are going to be up to the individual surfer to decide. Here are some of the things to look closely at when trying to determine if the introductory bonus is what you are looking for.

Dollar or percentage amount? Pay close attention to the language of the deal. Some casinos will offer a percent amount of your initial deposit in free credits, while others will offer a matching cash bonus. Being offered a $50 bonus is actually the same as being offered a 50% bonus when you deposit $100. Some casinos will advertise a $200 casino bonus, but when you look at what the deal actually is you will find that that number is based on a percentage of what you first deposit.

How much is it? Again, you need to be sure whether the offer is in dollars or in percentages. Most casinos will require a minimum of 50$ be deposited in order to qualify for the bonus.

Does it work on a scale? Some free cash bonuses operate on a sliding scale idea. That is, the casino offers a cash bonus of $200, but that money is not available all at once. Instead, some money is offered on the first deposit, with more available on the second and third deposits. So in order to get the full $200, you will need to make a few deposits. Generally, the amount of free credits that you are given will increase with each amount, so that you are encouraged to continue playing at the site.

Watch for limitations. Some introductory bonuses come with limitations on how much free casino cash you can claim and on what games you can use the bonus money. The bonus money is generally made available for games like craps and slots, and not for blackjack or bingo. In the case of a percentage bonus, make sure that you know what the upper limit is that the casino will match. It is usually in the hundred dollar range, so don’t deposit one thousand dollars and expect the casino to match you in credits!

Remember that the introductory free casino promotion bonus is designed to be appealing in order to entice people into the site. Pay careful attention to what the site is offering in terms of free credits; it is possible to get some great deals on sites, but the best online casino bonus is only going to be granted to the person who carefully looks at all the details.

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