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Tips To Online Gambling

November 21st, 2014

online gambling tipsOnline casino gambling tips do not necessarily apply the same as they do in a land based casino; in fact, online gambling will mean that even some of the solid tips offered to land-based players do not apply.

Here are a few tips to consider:

Tip 1: There is no sure fire system. Almost every source that offers gambling advice will claim that they have some secret formula that will allow a player to win at a certain game of chance.

These claims are ludicrous. Casino games are slanted towards the house, and online gambling opportunities are no exception. There is no system developed by any person for which the developers of casinos both on land and on the Internet have not already compensated. Don’t believe that any claim of miracle wins will work.

Tip 2: Security. At land-based casinos, players have to be careful of getting mugged or otherwise ripped off after a big win. On the Internet, gamblers must make sure that their accounts on the sites they use and their identity are protected from hackers. The site you gamble on should offer well encrypted security measures at several levels, including the opportunity to modify your password as often as you want.

Tip 3: Watch your money. Never think that you have more money to gamble with than you actually do. Online casinos can make this tendency even worse, as you can put money from your bank account into your casino account rapidly and with virtually no barriers. Before you gamble, make sure that you have a set amount of money that you can lose in your head.

Use this as your base, and if you win money than great, the number goes up. But do not include all of your available money in your appropriate losses, as you still need money to live.

Tip 4: Know when to quit. If you are having a rough day, walk away. Don’t think that you are due for a turn of luck just around the corner, because you probably aren’t. Gambling is meant to be an entertainment, but many people find the experience as addictive as smoking or drinking.

Winning is an especially potent high, so even if you win be prepared to draw a line. The best gambling advice anyone can ever give you is not on how to defeat the odds, but how to play with them. The primary rule of online gambling tips is never get in over your head.

Understanding The Casino Bonus

November 21st, 2014

One way in which online casinos try to secure their customers is by offering an extra cash casino bonus when a subscription to the site is filled out. There are several types of casino bonus that the sites use, and this article will detail some of them.

The Sign Up Bonus: This is also known as the gambling casino cash bonus. In order to qualify, a new customer must first make a deposit into their account with the casino. Usually, the cash is matched or exceeded by the casino in terms of credits into the player’s account. For example, the customer could make an initial deposit of $50. An online gambling site that offered a 100% sign up bonus would then contribute another $50 into the new customer’s account. Some of these bonuses are less than 100%, while some are more. There are a lot of online casino bonuses like this out there, and selecting the best online casino cash gambling bonus is up to the surfer.

Bonuses on Games: Most casinos will offer the benefit of a free casino sign up bonus or online gambling incentives to players who try out their new features, such as the latest slot machine they have in stock. Usually in this case the site will credit a player with a matching bounty or an amount of money as they play the game, up to a certain cash limit. This type of casino bonus will help introduce players to some of the latest gambling software.

Hard Luck Bonuses: In order to keep players coming back, a lot of online casinos are offering hard luck bonuses. These are the types of best online casino gambling bonus for people who are perpetually unlucky. The people who accrue the greatest number of losses in a given month according to how much money they spend are given a special casino bonus at the end of the month in order to make sure they don’t run out of credits. Watch out for these bonuses, though, if you find that you are getting them all the time. It might be that you need to take a few months off.

Preferred Player Bonuses: These bonuses are given to players who subscribe to the elevated services that many casinos offer. In addition to qualifying for tournament play and extended services, preferred players will also receive a certain number of credits each month in their account to be spent as they wish.

Referral Bonus: Casinos online are continually trying to attract new customers. To this end, they encourage clients with existing accounts in good standing to invite their friends to play at the casino with them. Often the referral bonus will apply to both the existing client and the new client. In other words, online cash bonuses will be given to the client who referred the name or email of a friend, and the friend so referred will also receive a club player casino bonus. This is one of the best online casino gambling bonuses available if you wish to play at a site with family and friends.

Not all the money you play with on an online casino has to be your own! Many sites offer several types of online gambling casino bonus which can get you a lot of extra credits for free.

For more information, visit Casino Bonus or Play Casino Games.

Poker Tips

November 21st, 2014

Poker Tips The following poker tips are meant to provide some basic tips for intermediate poker players. The tips are based on the experience of seasoned professionals. Basic poker tips can provide a nice supplement of information to players that have a grasp of poker strategy but little actual experience. Play at your skill level Don’t step into a tournament if you’re just learning to play poker. If you want to make money, be sure you know who your opponents are and be sure you can play at least as well as they can. Don’t play above your limit Most experts agree that you should start with at least 50 times the table limit. Know when to fold ‘em Top poker players typically play 20 to 30% of their starting hands. You can remove some of the luck element of poker by concentrating on higher value starting hands. Study your opponents’ habits You can almost learn as much about a player’s hand by watching their behavior as you can by actually seeing the cards. How do they bet when they’re buffing? How do they act when they have a good hand? The way to win at poker is to know what your opponents are holding before they lay their cards down. Don’t call unless you would be willing to raise Basically, only call if you think you have the best hand at the table. If you wouldn’t raise then you may want to consider abandoning the hand. Learn to bluff but use it sparingly Top poker players only bluff when they know they there’s a low risk of being called. Don’t depend on bluffing to get yourself out of a string of bad luck. That’s a good way to lose all your money. Keep your opponents on their toes If your opponents have taken this course than they know to study your actions in the same way you should be studying theirs. The best way to beat a diligent player is to be unpredictable. A player that is easy to understand is a player that is easy to beat. Know your position and how to use it The ideal poker position is the dealer, or button, as it is the last position to act. In this position you have the advantage of watching all of the betting action before you need to make a decision. There’s nothing wrong with online poker Online poker is a good place to test your basic skills and figure out a good strategy. At the casino, you’ll have to play more wisely against possibly more skilled competition. Know what the best hand is when you make your bet For example, if the board is single suited and your best hand is a three of a kind then you need to consider someone may very well have a flush. Don’t get too greedy It’s much better to win some small pots than lose a few big ones. If you have the best hand and the pot is big enough, go ahead and push as big a raise as you can in an attempt to take it down at that point. Don’t feel bad about not making as much as you could have had you let people stay in. Don’t worry be happy Play when you’re felling good. If you’re feeling angry, tired or sad you probably won’t play your best. Remember, it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun. Do your research In addition to these courses, there are many good poker books dealing with poker strategy and how to play the game. Also, take notes on what works for you and what does not. It is important for you to come up with a style of play that fits you and improves your game.

Know Your Poker Odds!

November 21st, 2014

Know Your Poker Odds! There are countless factors that can come into play when determining the odds of all the variations and situations that may arise in playing poker. This course is merely meant to give you an idea of what your respective card odds are of having a particular hand. Card odds are the most familiar and widely used poker odds. It is simply the probability of being dealt or drawing a particular poker hand. The table below shows the statistical frequency with which different poker hands occur. The number in the frequency column represents the number of hands that would need to be dealt for it to be probale that a player would have the specified poker hand. For example, a player would be likely to receive a flush once every 509 hands. The resulting poker odds are 1/509 or about 0.2% chance of being dealt a flush. Poker odds with no wild cards Poker Hand # Possible Combinations Frequency Any Hand 2598960 1 Royal Flush 4 649740 Straight Flush 36 72194 4 of a Kind 624 4165 Full House 3744 695 Flush 5108 509 Straight 10200 255 3 of a Kind 54912 48 2 Pair 123552 21 1 Pair 1098240 3 High Card (Any Other) 1302540 2 Visit these great sites:

About Virtual Gambling

November 21st, 2014

The Internet is home to thousands of online virtual gambling casinos offering you the thrill of gambling in your home. As an avid player, how do you decide on the best online casinos? You must keep a few factors in mind when deciding the best internet gambling casinos. First, choose an online casino that enjoys credibility and a good reputation among your family and friends. You may select the top casinos based on rankings provided by online gambling forums or blogs. Some casinos deliberately use specific keywords to achieve high rankings on all search engines. Avoid joining these so-called top casinos blindly and check out for yourself before you register online.

Another important factor to check for is that the online casino has a valid license for operation and uses proper gaming software from reputed companies like Microgaming. Original software is expensive and the best online casinos will have enough money to purchase it. Be very careful with online casinos registered in Eastern Europe, as they are prone to be fraudulent. Opt instead for casinos registered in the UK, Caribbean, and Canada.

The top online casinos will have a round the clock customer service accessible through e-mail and phone. Since online casinos can involve financial transactions and online betting of huge denominations, check the security system of these virtual casinos before you register. The best online casinos will employ secure financial payment gateways like Neteller to ensure the safety of their customers.

The best online virtual gambling casinos must also take care to protect the privacy of personal information of their clients. You must test the response system of an online casino by registering online, making a small deposit, and then withdrawing a part of your prize money. A prompt payment ensures the credibility of the online casino.

You must check out the range of games available at the online virtual gaming casinos and then register on one that offers the games of your liking. The best online casinos will offer games like poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, video poker, and craps. They may also offer games like keno and bingo. You can test the gaming level and speed of the software by trying out the free games given by most online casinos. You can judge the level of competition, the payoffs, and the size of the jackpot by playing the free virtual games. Most of the top internet casinos will let you download their games so that you can play them at leisure.

The best online casinos will give you great bonuses on registration. The amount of bonus ranges from 20 to 200% at some of the bigger online casinos. Bonus gives you free currency to play more games at your favorite casino. It is a reward for your loyalty, to encourage you to continue to play at the same casino or affiliated casinos and benefit from their loyalty programs.

The best online casinos adopt fair practices and secure financial transactions for the benefit of their customers. They have software to detect fraudulent players and gaming bots and may blacklist players who cheat from their website. You will forfeit your winnings and not be able to play at any online casinos. The top casinos offer strategies on different games available to players. They may offer chat facility with other players so that online gambling becomes a social event. Moreover, the best online casinos will have the best online virtual gambling software that uses the latest technology to provide a realistic gaming experience to its customers.

George Schmingy is an avid gambling enthusiast and writer of online gambling articles. To read more on this topic please visit: About Virtual Gambling or visit our home page at Virtual Gambling | Online Gaming Casinos.

Some Simple Texas Holdem Tips

November 21st, 2014

Texas Hold ‘Em has become the game of choice recently due to the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker. This course will give you the basic rules of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. If you’re playing Texas Hold ‘Em in a casino then the dealer won’t be joining you. To indicate the dealer position a round disc is used, called the “dealer button.” The dealer button marks the player who would be dealer. As the game advances the deal or button moves clockwise from player to player. Before the hands are dealt an action usually takes place called “posting the blinds.” A “blind” is a predetermined amount of money, which is added to the pot to ensure there’s something to play for on every hand. The player directly to the left of the dealer position most often adds an amount known as the “first blind,” or “small blind,” which is half the minimum bet. The player to his left adds the “second blind,” or “large blind,” which is the full minimum bet. Once the blinds have been added then it’s time to start dealing the cards. Each player is initially dealt two cards both face down. Visit these sites for more news, tips on poker and gambling as well as some great casinos!

Mandelson Criticises US Gaming Legislation

November 21st, 2014 According to the Reuters news agency, the European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson, has told Washington that its Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is unfair to foreign firms and should be repealed. Mandelson is in American to negotiate fair and adequate compensation for the 27-nation EU following the unilateral withdrawal of the US from World Trade Organisation (WTO) obligations after UIGEA was declared discriminatory. ‘It’s not in the interest of American consumers to have good responsible competitors in this market excluded by regulatory mechanisms,’ said Mandelson. ‘What we need to see is a change in US legislation that removes that discrimination against EU operators.’ European gambling firms asked the EU to pursue claims of up to $100 billion in compensatory sanctions and Mandelson has indicated that he supports these claims. ‘When a member of the WTO defaults on its commitments, compensation is due,’ continued Mandelson. ‘That’s the case of online gambling.’ While in Washington, Mandelson also met with Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank and discussed the legislator’s proposed Internet Gambling Regulation And Enforcement Act (IGREA) that would regulate online gambling and bring the US into compliance with WTO rules. ‘I think Frank takes a fair-minded, common sense approach to this and we look forward to that being effective legislation,’ said Mandelson. The EU is the largest of at least seven claimants seeking compensation over America’s passage of UIGEA and negotiations have twice been extended. If the parties cannot reach a settlement, the EU could demand binding arbitration.

Online Casino Triumphs in Court

November 21st, 2014

The Administrative Court of Appeal in the central German state of Hessen has this week overturned a ruling by a lower court that prohibited Austrian online casino group Bwin from offering its services to Germans. According to reports from Thomson Financial, the Court in Wiesbaden stated that it had considered the practicalities of the case and concluded that the impossibilities of enforcing a ban on Internet gambling rendered the law ‘null and void’ for all intents and purposes. Monopolistic policies on online betting have continued in Germany despite that nation’s full membership of the European Union and its implied obligation to allow free passage of trade and services to other European Union member nations. While the European Commission has been active in pressuring a number of member states to comply with the reciprocal principles of trade requirements, officials in Germany remain slow to accept the inevitability of European law. The Commission has even threatened European Court of Justice litigation to open up restrictive markets and a meeting of the heads of Germany’s 16 states has been scheduled for later this year to discuss ways of prolonging their lucrative monopolistic policies.

China to Curb Online Casino Compulsion

November 21st, 2014

In China, the Government has announced that it is to institute new laws to help prevent underage and compulsive gambling. Experts predict that these laws will see companies forced to use software that screens users to ensure that adults only are accessing gambling sites. This software could also be required to encourage players to stick to a maximum playing time of three hours per day by halving any points accrued after this length of time had passed. The Government did not announce a time frame for the proposed legislation but the scheme comes on the heels of a requirement by authorities that online gaming companies operating in the nation use a type of screening software that detects the identities of users through the use of an issued card. There have also been campaigns encouraging players to perform exercise after three hours to reduce Internet gaming addiction across the country. According to a 2006 study by the China National Children’s Center, the nation has 137 million Internet users under the age of 18 with 13 per cent, or 2.3 million, classed as online addicts. China has also recently established the first treatment centre in the world dedicated to treating teenagers suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), the Internet Addiction Treatment Center (IATC) in Daxing. Led by Tao Ran, a military researcher who built his career by treating heroin addicts, the clinic uses a ‘tough love’ approach that includes counselling, military discipline, drugs, hypnosis and mild electric shocks. Check out more articles like this one at or go to these great sites:

Casino Slot Debate Heats Up

November 21st, 2014

Well, it seems our friends at the Maryland Casino have their hands full with the same issues on gambling as every other State out there! Is the addition of legalized gambling going to be good for the community or is it going to be it’s demise? This is a question that many Legislators have had to ask themselves and now those residing in Maryland find themselves with the same question. It’s really heating up for both parties and continued to do so on Friday as two seperate rallies were put together to relay their side of the story and their opinions on the issues at hand. Governor Martin O’Malley is looking to amend the states constitution through a bill that would allow up to 15,000 slot machines, which would be spread over five locations in the state. The constitution is defininately being put to the test these days, and this is yet another. Opponents of the bill, such as Comptroller Peter Franchot feel the slots will bring a negative image to the state, he had this to say, referring to back in 1949 when slots were legal, “The results were disastrous, corruption and crime, broken families, ruined communities, destruction of things that we care about.” Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller took a different approach when speaking at a rally for slot supporters saying, “Over 200 years ago, George Washington came to this city to race his horses, to bet on the horses, the president of the United States, folks.” He went on to say, “It’s been a part of our history, part of our culture for a long time.” The Legislature began deliberating on the issue on Friday and a decision could be made soon as to whether the voters will get to decide the issue. November 2, 2007 Posted By Tom Jones Staff Editor,