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What is a Cash Bonus?

Most players on Internet casino sites have made the jump from land based casinos to those found in cyber space. It is very important that players who have made the switch realize some of the opportunities that gambling on games of chance such as bingo and craps on line has over other types of casinos. One such advantage is the cash bonus.

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Go into any land based casino and the odds are that you will not find anyone offering you money in order to play their games. Instead, you go to the cashier, exchange your money for credits, and then sit down at the game of your choice and play until you have either won or lost enough to move on. This is not the case with online casinos.

With online casinos, gamblers can expect to be rewarded for their business. These rewards usually come in the form of a gambling casino cash bonus. This is set up so that the person who wishes to gamble on the site receives free credits according to several different offers. Those who want to find the best online casino gambling bonus would do well to find out what exactly those different offers entail; is it a matching bonus, a beginner’s bonus, a member’s bonus, or a bonus specific to a certain game?

Whatever the type of bonus you are looking at, most of them work the same way. The game player is expected to convert an amount of money to credits with the online cashier in order to play the games of chance available on a site. Once they have deposited a certain amount of money, the casino will award the player with some free credits in order to play their games. These credits are extra; the player does not have to win them, nor does he have to pay to receive them.

The purpose of the gambling casino cash bonus is to keep the player using the casino’s facilities. Unlike land based casinos, online sites are vulnerable because of the incredibly competitive market and the danger of players just losing interest. Making sure that players receive a bonus just for staying on the site and playing that particular casino’s version of craps or bingo means that the site has a powerful incentive to keep players coming back.

People who choose to make the jump to gambling online should remember that this free cash is not really as simple as it seems. Some of the bonuses available are much safer than others. The introductory bonus, for example, will usually double the player’s initial amount of credits. On the other hand, a hard luck bonus is awarded to players who have lost a substantial amount of chips. Instead of taking a break from the action for a while, the hard luck bonus encourages players to stay and lose even more money in order to receive some free credits. In this way, online casinos make sure that those who contribute the most money to their site stay there.

Gambling casino cash bonuses are great for the beginning online gambler, but as with land based casinos it is important to play in moderation. Online casinos have developed very advanced methods of keeping their clientele around, so it is in the interest of the gambler to make sure that they know when to say no to the offer of free credits.

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