Dice Call Upsets Player

I was rolling the dice in Atlantic City and off to a good roll. On my last roll I had a pass line bet with odds and a come bet with odds. I rolled what I thought was a five and a six although the six came down on a couple of chips on the other side of the table. The dealer called it a seven and swept the chips and the dice away before I could open my mouth to complain. The five was flat on the table and the six was facing the middle of the table and higher than what must have been a two facing the opposite way. In fact, even though I am 5'10" and standing just to the left of the stickman, I couldn't see the two. I walked away steamed and they called me back to give me the $20 from my come bet and laugh in my face. I feel bad about being cheated, if in fact I was. If you get around to answer this e-mail, I would appreciate it.

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